Bathroom Tiles-How To Select The Best Bathroom Tiles For You

Bathroom tiles, as the name suggests are usually ceramic tiles that are in your bathrooms. The bathroom tiles are a bit different in character when compared to the tiles that will be used in your living room or elsewhere in your house. As the bathroom tiles will be subjected to a lot of water, it is a necessity for bathroom tiles to be able to repel water to the maximum. The requirement for the bathroom wall tile and bathroom floor tile is a little bit different. The bathroom floor tile has to be anti skid tiles to ensure that the floor does not get slippery when wet and as for the bathroom wall tile, anti skid tiles are not a necessity.

What To Look Out For In A Bathroom Tile

A bathroom tile should have a few characteristics that will help it to last in a wet environment like a bathroom. For a start, the bathroom floor tile should not get slippery when wet. So any bathroom floor tile has to be antiqued tiles and to achieve that, the surface of the bathroom floor tile is not made smooth. It will have small grooves that will help you to grip the surface and not slip. The bathroom wall tiles on the contrary have to be smooth and be able to repel water to the maximum. With the basic requirement out of the way, now you can focus on what tiles will make your bathrooms feel airy and will complement the design of the bathroom. Durable, water repellent, antiskid and easy to maintain – some of the important characteristics a bathroom tile must possess.

Suggestions On Bathroom Designs

  • For oversized bathrooms, large square tiles will be good


  • In a large bathroom, you can separate the wet area which is the shower area and the dry area.


  • You can differentiate the wet and dry area of your bathroom by using tiles of different color and texture.


  • It is better to use light colored tiles in the wet area and darker colored tiles in the dry area.


  • For the walls, you can again design to accommodate two or three different types of tiles to give your bathroom a different feel.


  • Use bright and vibrant color tiles only in large bathrooms as space is needed to accommodate the shine that they give out.

How To Select A Bathroom Tile For Your Bathroom

Selecting a bathroom tile can be tough with the number of options that are available to you nowadays. Bathroom tiles come in an array of different shapes and sizes and the size of your bathroom does influence your decision. You can avail the services of a professional to help you design your bathroom and then fix on a budget that you are comfortable with. With the design and budget in hand, you can then start to go through the various options that are available to you and then finalize on a set of bathroom tiles that will suit you the best. It is advisable to be patient during the selection process and to make a decision only after having a look at all your options.