Carpet and Rug Maintenance



Generally, it is more difficult to maintain a full wall-to-wall carpet than it is to keep smaller area rugs decorating hard floors clean. There are a number of reasons why this is, but the biggest one is simply the difficulty in keeping a large surface area made of fibres clean. Hard floors made of wooden parquetry or ceramic tiles are just so much easier to keep clean with simple detergent and a mop. Spills can easily be mopped up with no harm done.


On the other hand, a wall-to-wall carpet is not easy to clean at all! You will need a specialised and expensive vacuum cleaner that can also wash carpets and you will need to have strict rules about what people can and cannot do in the house. This can be problematic if you have young children because they are not always likely to remember the rules, which means you will be cleaning the carpet each time they come inside from playing.


Not really an ideal climate


The British climate is also not really ideal for efficient carpet maintenance. It is far more damp and wet in Britain than in other parts of the world where wall-to-wall carpets are popular, so you can end up with dirt and moisture trapped on your carpet. This can lead to mould and mildew, which causes very real health problems.


Maintaining a rug


On the other hand, keeping an area rug placed on a hard floor clean is a breeze. Most rugs are small enough to throw into the washing machine once or twice a month. Also, if a rug is used as a decorative item in a hallway or a room, people will avoid stepping on it out of respect! This can also reduce your cleaning bills since it is easier to mop up a hard floor rather than wait for a washing machine to finish.


If you have an area rug with natural fibres, then it makes sense to check every few weeks to see whether any pests have moved in. Carpet beetles and moths are two of the major destroyers of rugs and upholstery and if you notice these parasites in your home then you need to get professional help as soon as possible.


You will find that especially if you have pets or children, cleaning and maintaining an area rug as opposed to a wall-to-wall carpet is a far better solution.


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