Make Your House Appear Larger: Furniture Rearranging Tips

Those looking to sell their home or simply wishing to enjoy more room each seek to make rooms look larger. Sometimes this can be arranged by highlighting light and shadow. Sometimes this can be accomplished by packing unnecessary stuff into a storage unit. And then there is rearranging the furniture. That alone can make a room look different, but it is a question of perspective. Depending on the room, the furniture needs to relate to it and not the other way around. Here’s why.

Living Room

The focal point of any room is its windows. The natural light can be combined with furniture movement to make the room look bigger. Placing the media center between the windows, for example, makes rearranging the furniture easier. Place the furniture in a conversation-pit type semi-circle focusing on the windows and media center. This will make a path for folks to get to other rooms easily, which will give the illusion of more room. It will also make the room safer, as advised by insurance companies like

An idea regarding perspective would be to ditch the coffee and end tables. Use small occasional tables the size of plant tables. If homeowners give people what they expect to see, a room will look cramped and cluttered. Conversely, if a room needs to look light, airy and big, small things should be used. Place the furniture in the four corners of the room with small occasional tables beside them. This will leave a wide open space in the middle that will give the impression of open space.

Dining Room

If a house has a formal dining room it usually contains a china hutch, table and chairs. Most people cover the table with lace and on it place a complete place setting of china, silver and crystal. While this looks very pretty, it doesn’t always give the impression of space. The dining room is also considerably smaller than the living room, so space is at a premium. If the china hutch will fit into the kitchen or breakfast nook, move it. Place the dining room table in the center of the room underneath the light fixture. The lighting in addition to the natural light from the windows will give the room less shadow and make it look bigger. Set the chairs in the four corners, with one or two at the table.


Everyone lines the bedroom walls with chests of drawers, dressers, desks and bedside tables. To create the illusion of space, combine the contents of the dresser and chest of drawers. Take one of them out and store it in the basement or a storage unit. Whatever is in the bedside tables, place into the desk drawers or atop the furniture. Store the tables in the basement or storage unit. Less is more, so this will create space.

If the bedrooms need to look larger, use the light to advantage. There is usually one window in a bedroom, so the perspective will be from the light. You don’t want the bed lit or you wouldn’t sleep. Place the desk beneath the window with the chest of drawers or dresser in a corner opposite. Place the bed lengthwise to the window so the desk can do double duty as a bedside table.