Nick Scali and Other Name Brand Furniture

Does it make sense to purchase furniture from Nick Scali or another common name brand or is wiser to select furniture regardless of the where it is purchased? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not one that is black and white. Certain name brands are worth paying a higher price tag, whereas other companies simply use their names as a mechanism to overcharge customers. How can an average consumer tell if a name brand is worth the extra cost?

One method is to take a look at the reasons a particular brand of furniture costs more than another. There are certain brands whose furniture is not of superior quality to the alternatives without an established brand. One example of this includes name brand companies that use the exact same storage methods as generic brands. Conversely, brand names that use optimal storage conditions ensure that their furnishings do not rot or endure any other harsh effects from extreme temperatures. One factor that helps distinguish Nick Scali Furniture from others is their usage of climate controlled storage solutions. Dexion published a case study on the storage methods of Nick Scali that illustrates one of the distinct benefits the shoppers receive when purchasing furniture from one of their stores.

However, brand name furniture is not always superior to that of companies without an established reputation. There are certainly occasions where a company smaller than Nick Scali can still take advantage of climate controlled storage solutions similar to those offered by Dexion, but due to economies of scale this is often much more difficult for smaller brands. Hence, the key takeaway is that name brand furniture sometimes is worth the extra cost. However, a smart consumer needs to compare firms on a case by case basis. Certain name brands provide are worth the slightly higher costs since value is added to their products, but other companies rely solely on their name without adding and meaningful value.