What to consider when hiring removalists

Moving things from one place to another: it’s one of those boring and necessary tasks in life that can become a frightening and overwhelming headache or can be a simple and relatively easy task. When moving house, we’re always aiming for the latter rather than the former, but things sometimes get out of hand. In my experience, it always works out cheaper (hiring and insuring a van yourself is never cheap) and so much easier to hire removalists like Man With A Van than to try and do it all yourself. Having a few things in order before you hire removalists can make a big difference. Before you ring them, try and have a moving timetable worked out, for which day or days you want to move on and when you need to leave your old premises and when you can enter the new ones.

Don’t forget to take care of things like utility connections, to disconnect them in your old place have them hooked up in the new place. The earlier you organise these things the better, and it will make a difference when moving things like washing machines and fridges.

Try and book the removalists as early as possible. Then once they’re booked in, pack up as much as you can in advance. Ask your removalist for boxes and tape if necessary, that way you can pack up as much as possible in advance and only leave your essential items out until the last minute. Remember, moving is hard work! A little bit of organisation goes a long way in making the logistics simpler.